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Sample Ordering

We offer samples from all of our products. We recommend you always order a sample. Unfortunately the colours on your computer screen are different from real life.

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In our webstore you can see the prices in 5 currencies with our discount rates on bigger orders and pay by PayPal, credit / debit card or even bank transfer.

Easy fixing

Our wall panels are easy to fix. We give you detailed instructions about adhesives and how to use them. They are also easy to cut at the edges or corners.

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Our Story - Producing Wall Panels 

The Idea

In January 2014 I saw a photo on the internet of a wall decorated with wooden panels. I liked it so much I decided to make similar panels - but better and cheaper. I'd just established my company in Birmingham, UK few months earlier with the aim of distributing jewellery, but this idea is seemed much better. I named my company Jewelizer Ltd, but from March 2015 our new name has been Wallure Ltd and we are in London now.

Product Development

From January with the help of my father and brothers we created some prototypes and at end of March 2014 we finished the development. We tested more sizes and finishes and finally we created 16 different styles. We used walnut and oak woods and 2 different cutting styles, split and sleek. We gave the name of Wallure to our wall panels and created a webstore.


We received the first order in April 2014, and since then we have continuously produced our wall panels in our Hungarian factory. We create our wall panels from real wood: we cut by machine, but split and stick it by hand. We've had so many orders we've had no time to build up stock, but we intend to do that in the future. We also work on new styles.

Delivery and Sample - How to order

How do you order a sample?

We recommend you always order a sample.  Real life colours always look different from colours on a computer screen.  The samples help you choose colours.  It helps to have a physical sample before you order. You can order it in our web store. If you have some special requirements (for example painted panels or different shape or size) and you wish to receive samples from them, please contact us.

How do we package them?

We always take care of our parcels. We use extra packaging inside and outside as well. For international orders we always use wood packaging outside the cardboard box and all of our parcels are insured. When you receive your order, please always check it carefully and immediately. If you see any damage, please inform us and we will investigate it by the carrier. In this case we are sending you new wall panels and you have to send back the damaged one.

Where and how can you order?

Before you start to use our website identify the country where the order will be delivered to. Please choose your location on the top of the screen. Check whether it is in Inner or Outer Europe on the list next to the drop-down menu. After you chose your country, you can see the prices in your currency with our quantity discounts as well. All of our prices are inclusive of free delivery.

Installation Guide - How to fix it

Choose Adhesive

Any polystyrene-based adhesives can be used. We recommend Penosil Premium Polystyrol FixFoam 877 or Loctite PL 300 VOC Foamboard adhesives. Please follow the instructions of the adhesive. You can order from us, but please be aware our webstore prices are valid only if you order as much adhesive with your panels as we recommend. For Penosil we recommend 1 can per 3 sqm.

Fix it on the Wall

Usually it's very easy to fix the wall panel - just use a little adhesive as you can see on the photo and stick it on the wall. Be careful it's exactly horizontal, and watch that the panels fit together snugly. It can be fit vertical as well to achieve different effect. Try to follow a similar order as on the photo, so the gaps between the wall panels will be less visible and the wall will be a continuous surface. 2sqm / hour easily can be fixed, so it's really fast.

Cut the Panels, Create Corners

Wall Panels can be shorten to fit in at the edge of the wall, or cut it lengthways for the top line at the ceiling. After you cut it, you can use a hand planer to get the right size. It’s very easy to cut the wall panels with a hand saw as well - but be careful. It has to be perfectly straight and right-angled. We recommend you order 10% more than you've calculated you need. For corners you can cut it 45° and put the pieces together to match the corner.



Our passion is wall decoration, and we aim to create high-quality wooden products to deliver to you no matter where you live.

The quality of our products is primarily due to the nature and secondly to our passionate work.