Our Story - It's not a long story, but we're proud of it

The Idea

In January 2014 I saw a photo on the internet of a wall decorated with wooden panels. I liked it so much I decided to make similar panels - but better and cheaper. I'd just established my company in Birmingham, UK few months earlier with the aim of distributing jewellery, but this idea is seemed much better. I named my company Jewelizer Ltd, but from March 2015 our new name has been Wallure Ltd and we are in London now.

Product Development

From January with the help of my father and brothers we created some prototypes and at end of March 2014 we finished the development. We tested more sizes and finishes and finally we created 16 different styles. We used walnut and oak woods and 2 different cutting styles, split and sleek. We gave the name of Wallure to our wall panels and created a webstore.


We received the first order in April 2014, and since then we have continuously produced our wall panels in our Hungarian factory. We create our wall panels from real wood: we cut by machine, but split and stick it by hand. We've had so many orders we've had no time to build up stock, but we intend to do that in the future. We also work on new styles.

International Delivery

Our plan was to offer our panels to the UK market, but thanks for the internet we received orders from USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom and Hungary so far. We are working on to be able to deliver all over the world. We use DPD in Europe and UPS to the rest of the world with extra packaging and insurance.