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Complimentary Displate poster with Wooden or Leather panels

Collaborating with Displate we would like to give you some gift posters. You can choose 1 medium size poster for free after each 2 sqm (or 1 large after each 4 sqm) wooden or leather panels purchased from us. For example, you order 12 sqm wooden panels, you can choose 6 medium size (or 3 large size) posters as a complimenary gift from us to say thank you for your purchase. Displate plants 10 trees after each sold posters. In this way, buying 1 sqm wooden panel you are helping us to plant 5 trees.


Displate is a manufacture specializing in creating exceptional metal posters and a platform gathering talented artists from all over the world. They work with more than 2 000 artists and offer more than 80 000 designs at this moment. Each Displate print verified by the Production Master. Signature and hologram added to the back increase authenticity & collectors value. Magnetic mounting system included.

signature  hologram  magnetic

If you like Displate posters, but you don't need our wooden or leather panels you can also order on the price that you can see above. This is inclusive of free delivery by UPS in 3-4 days. Order more than 3 posters and receive 30% discount as well. You can also browse the catalog of more thousand posters at and just inform us which one would you like to get. Most of the posters available in medium or large sizes.

medium                   large